Supplier of Quality Indoor and Outdoor Corporate Brand Elements

The Ramshackle Company specialise in supplying quality branding to the corporate Industry.  Specialising in Sporting Events branding, Modular Exhibition Stands that can be customised.  We are passionate about helping our clients to leverage their brand. At the same time, we do our best to support locally designed and manufactured products.

The TRIGA® range is a well-engineered product that is a tangible capital asset to any company.

TRIGA® MAX is the original TRIGA® Introduced over a decade ago and still a showstopper in the industry. The secret is in the “self-tensioning” TRIGA box which allows you to simply press a button and apply seamless tension to the fabric surface of your display.
Our newest, exciting addition to the TRIGA® family. TRIGA® Go is an affordable, ultra lightweight solution with an integrated graphic rail and tensioner that reduces the system componentry to only three main parts.
The RED-E range is a power banks that provide a quick practical solution saving us from that dreaded “low power” warning. Available in nine different models the Red-E has become a household brand. It is compact size, light weight with necessary connections and accessories that provides users with a compact and versatile means of additional power.
We supply a wide range of branding and display units that include, among others, Pull-Up Banners, Branded Gazebos, Feather Banners, Parasols (Wind Endurance Tested), Flat Banners, and Banner Walls


Click on the Videos below to view the TRIGA® Go system and components explained.

TRIGA® System Benefits

100% Manufactured in South Africa


The TRIGA® System components are reusable and all components 100% recyclable.


5 Year warranty on all TRIGA® MAX and TRIGA® GO hardware components.


The TRIGA® System allows for endless design possibilities and reconfiguration.


The Ramshackle Company has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Adele’s eagerness to get things done is also very welcoming in this fast pace industry. Her recommendations have been on point.
The Trig System she recommended has been key to our success at Expos, the sophisticated system allows you to transform your space into an eye-catching arena for the customer to experience.


Megger has worked with Adéle on a number of occasions, including major events such as Africa Utility Week and KITE in South Africa.
Adéle has always delivered to a high standard and offered solutions to problems we have faced to ensure our events run smoothly.
Adele has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this in the future.


" Velotex has had the most amazing service delivery from Adéle and The Ranshackle Company over an extensive number of years. Adéle with her expereience in the marketing business has been very helpful in guiding us in our decisions of what to order and how to design it and she has always gone the extra mile on service delivery and reliability. We always appreciated Adéle's drive for perfection where she would as critical of the products that she was delivering as we would be as the client receiving it. Perfection, reliability and going the extra mile ensure that we turn to The Ramshackle Company every time we are looking for branding options"