Do you need your brand to stand out at an event or promotion?  Are you servicing customers from behind a table and need it to be lightweight, portable and quick to set up? We offer a wide range of standard and custom designed service counter solutions.  These stylish, sturdy and portable counters enable you to increase your brand’s visual presence with a large printable area.  Interior space can be used as storage and designs can included shelves, mounted LCD screens, timber veneered table tops or Plexiglas coloured translucent tops with back lighting. Bars and service counters are available in booth standard and customize shapes and sizes.  These are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor events and promotions.  Table tops can also be branded to your specification from a variety of materials.

JTP_1080 JTP_1077-2 JTP_1105 JTP_1089a Service Counter Vetpac