The X-Frame 2 is a unique patented expandable advertising A-Frame.  Constructed from aluminum making it a rigid A-Frame system
Graphics are easily interchangeable with the patented X-Frame 2 clip system.  The X-Frame 2 sets up in seconds and includes the space-frame, two banners and a carry bag









The 2m x 1m PS Pop-Up A-Frame is a quick fold out collapsible advertising banner that is easily erected in seconds, no loose parts! Using the best quality fabrics and digital printing you can be assured of the most durable system with the most vibrant colours







Why Printing Pop Up A-Frame Adds Value

There is a particular event such as a sports day, trade fair or exhibition and you just know that it will be filled to the brim by your target market!  You want to make use of this event in order to showcase your brand, and there are few advertising media that fit the bill better than a Pop-Up A-Frame banners.  Here is why:

  1. Easy to produce:  Most pop-up banners are made of soft but durable fabrics and they can be produced reasonably simply and quickly.  If you need some visible marketing materials in a short time frame, printing pop ups are a reasonably safe option.  If you need to change branding or add new product, you can also obtain new or additional banners fairly quickly.
  1. Hard-wearingBanners are made of soft but strong materials that withstand transportation and repeated assembling and dismantling very well.  If you are constantly attending events where high brand visibility is required, banners are really useful.  They can also withstand bad weather such as rain and wind, and the fabric is usually treated to prevent fading in harsh sunlight.  They can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  1. Variety:  Various types and sizes are available and certain banners can even be tailored to your particular requirements in terms of size and shape.  If you need something different in order to stand out from a crowd you may want to consider having some banners custom designed in a different size, or in an unusual shape.  With new technologies available it is sometimes even possible to have three dimensional objects built and printed effectively.
  1. Ease of use:  Printed banners are light to carry, they can fold up into much smaller and compact sizes, come in their own carry cases and are therefore highly mobile.  They are easy to install or erect, and just as easy to dismantle, transport and store.  They can easily be carried by one person and fit into the boot of a car.  They can be erected within minutes – sometime seconds – and will save you time when setting up!
  1. Affordable:  Compared to other marketing tools and advertising media, banners are a relatively cost effective way to increase visibility.  They tend to be made of lightweight and affordable materials and enables even small businesses with tiny marketing budgets to stand out in a crowd!