TRIGA Go Totem

TRIGA® Go Totems
In Store Branding Totem

Advertising pylons can now be deployed instantly, almost anywhere. The Triga® Go Totem is dead easy to setup with no tools needed. For mobile marketing and advertising campaigns this is an ideal way to roll out a multi point project, lowering logistics costs significantly.

With minimal training, your promotions staff can set the system up on their own within 5 minutes.

Double sided full colour fabric printing and a height range of 1 to 2.5m ensures you can either comply with mall branding restrictions or increase your branding area to make maximum impact. Totems also work fantastically as welcome boards and directional signage.















TRIGA® Go Totem Bag

Can accommodate a 1.0m(w) x 2.5m(h) TRIGA® Go totem. Padded bag with double shoulder straps.
Carry capacity: 5kg