A unique South African invention, TRIGA® Max was developed by engineers and Industrial Designers of Technimark Advanced Prototyping Services and launched in 2006. Ongoing product enhancements over the next decade gave rise to the addition of a range of creative accessories that expanded the scope of the application of TRIGA® Max, offering end-users a truly scalable solution that is unique in its long term versatility and cost-effectiveness.

After a three year product development process TRIGA® DISPLAYS launched  TRIGA® Go in 2019. This next generation tensioned textile display solution is set to transform the visual display market as we currently know it.

TRIGA® DISPLAYS boasts a distribution footprint across Africa, Europe, North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom and is continuously expanding its international reach. The TRIGA® brand is built on a foundation of integrity, innovation, diversity and a passion for delivering world-class display and branding solutions.

Our product development team is strategically focused on continuous product improvement that will serve our customers’ unique requirements.