The TRIGA System is a modular patented fabric display tension system. It is developed and manufactured in Cape Town South Africa.

Main qualities of the TRIGA System design and construction maximize its useful life and minimize the chance of being disposed. It is a sustainable investment.

It is a system that can be expanded and reconfigured to meet changing needs. Due to the unique tensioning features the system can be adapted to virtually all printable materials.  As the printing industry finds and adopts more environmentally friendly printing practices, the TRIGA system display the output beautifully.

The System is used in various sectors in the retail, interior design, conference and exhibition industry.  Well know premium brands are currently benefiting through this unique solution to promote their brand.

Our services included:

  • Conceptual design;
  • Customised solutions;
  • Wide format printing;
  • Installation and dismantling;
  • Stock management and storage

Why choose the TRIGA Moduler Tension-fabric system?

  • The System can be expanded and reconfigured to meet changing needs
  • Users are more likely to change graphics than discarding & replacing parts
  • Constructed more durably than most commonly sold designs, the FSD system will last years and perhaps decades
  • The TRIGA system is easily repaired when damaged and the parts are entirely interchangeable
  • Hardware carries a 5 year warranty
  • The TRIGA solution is tool-less, which translates into a number of benefits, such as decreased transport, labour cost, as well as simpler logistics.
  • Our custom solutions are transported in lightweight wheel bags, containing separate compartments.
  • Using our engineered system is extremely cost effective as the initial investment in the hardware delivers its return on investment time after time. The system can be adapted every  time for new use by simply changing the graphics
  • The TRIGA System is manufactured from recyclable aluminium and ABS injection molded  components. The print consist of eco-friendly inks onto recyclable polyester fabrics