RED-E PowerBank – Build your Brand

Charging your smartphone on the go 

RED-E as a power pack performs admirably when needed the most.

While smartphones and other mobile devices have been growing in speed and utility in the past decade, their overtaxed batteries often struggle to keep up.

The RED-E range power banks provide a quick practical solution saving you from that dreaded “low power” warning.

Available in nine different models the Red-E has become a household brand.

The RED-E’s design is well thought through.  Some of the units have ingeniously placed tucked away cords along the device’s sides, housing USB, and micro USB connectors respectively.

It is compact size, lightweight with necessary connections and accessories that provide users with a compact and versatile means of additional power.

The RED-E Product range is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product.  Standard T&C applies.

Branding Option: Silk Screen

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