The Ramshackle Company supports PinkDrive as its CSI contribution to ‘making a difference’ in people’s lives.   Seven years ago, The Ramshackle Company owner Adele Bellairs, committed to assisting PinkDrive with a part sponsorship for their indoor and outdoor portable branding.  The branding assists PinkDrive with their highly effective awareness campaigns, while also providing practical solutions.  In conjunction with a Mobile Clinic, a branded gazebo provides a portable station that is used as a clinical early detection unit in rural areas.

“I met Noelene Kotschan of PinkDrive four years ago during her first awareness campaign at the Pick ‘n Pay Life Cycle Expo and at the Cape Town Cycle Tour,” said Adele Bellairs.  “I immediately saw a person with a big heart who was committed to making a difference and wanted to help her. Cancer is a modern day epidemic and killer, and never before has it been more important to create awareness about this disease, mammograms, and the factors which contribute to contracting cancer”.

“Cancer has personally affected my life with the loss of those close to me, and I have seen family and friends lose their loved ones to the disease.  Our family nanny of many years, who played an important role in the first few years of my son’s life, lost her life to cancer.  By the time she found out, she had already progressed from stage 3 to stage 4.”

Branding can be costly yet plays a vital role in creating awareness, establishing a presence, and drawing attention to your brand or company, particularly when there is a mass audience.   The Ramshackle Company intends to continue supporting PinkDrive in their quest to educate and create awareness in our communities and the corporate sector about cancer.